The Schmitz Academy is all about bringing Education back to where it is meant to be. 

 At home. 

Many household leaders do not see themselves as educators of their children because the word "education" has been redefined by our culture to describe a purely academic, programmed process.  This, coupled with the fact that for almost a century parents have been sending their children off to school every day, has had a deleterious effect upon parents' understanding of themselves as home-educators or home-disciplers.  As a result, fundamental needs like character, growth, morality, biblical virtue, and healthy relationships are not seen as part of the education process.

Education is no longer a process of learning how to learn, or learning how to be a spiritually mature person;  instead, it has been reduced to the refinement of marketable skills, and the teaching of a worldview that is diametrically opposed to the Judeo-Christian view.  [more]